Supporting the diverse military presence throughout the Beaufort region.

Military Enhancement Committee

The Military Enhancement Committee of Beaufort County (MEC) is established and reaffirmed as an Auxiliary Committee of the Beaufort Regioinal Chamber of Commerce to enhance the quality and value of the military installations of Beaufort County and to lay the framework to defend these three military bases with regard to any threats, including base realignments and closures, and to establish procedures and contingency plans in the event one or more of these military installations is closed or realigned.

The MEC addresses community concerns and activities regarding future BRACs or any other occurrences of possible reductions, additions or changes of mission with any of the military installations.

Members of the Military Enhancement Committee are appointed by local governments, the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce and the South Carolina Military Task Force. Funding for the Military Enhancement Committee’s work comes from local and state governments, business contributions and private contributions.

Chair: Neal Pugliese
Beaufort County SCMTF Rep

Vice-Chair: Warren Parker
Beaufort County Rep

Treasurer: Jimmy Boozer
Port Royal Town Council Rep

Jennie Johnson
Greater Island Council Rep

Larry Budge
Greater Island Council Rep

Teri Maude
Beaufort City Council Rep

Merritt Patterson
Beaufort Regional Chamber Rep

Lisa Philp
Beaufort Regional Chamber Rep

Ed Saxon
Beaufort County Rep

Military Affairs Committee

The Military Affairs Committee (MAC) supports activities that protect and enhance the military installations in Beaufort County, and improve the quality of life of military families in the region.

Most notably, the MAC co-hosts the MAC meetings are held quarterly and are open to anyone who would like to attend. To be added to the distribution list for meeting reminders, contact us here.