Our Priority is You

We are committed to helping the Beaufort Region become the best community to live, work, and play, and with the help of our members, we develop our legislative agenda around that commitment.

We work, every day, to promote a viable and healthy business climate within our region, advocating for pro-business legislation on a local, state, and national level.  We recognize that policy decisions made by elected officials directly impact your business success.

As the voice of business, this Chamber represents businesses in our membership spanning from Charleston to Savannah, with our core concentration right here in Beaufort County. Each year the Chamber develops our legislative agenda through the help of our committees, Board of Directors, and through surveys of our membership.

The survey produced different areas of legislative priorities. This year’s agenda is based entirely off your feedback.

    Guiding Principles

    We use four guiding principles when we consider taking positions on issues.  They must:

    Maintain and grow opportunities for Beaufort County businesses.

    Reduce the cost of doing business.
    Increase the qualified workforce.
    Manage growth and support infrastructure improvements to preserve area marketability.

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