Patty Crower

Name: Patty Crower

Why Are You Running For Office? I really believe that the FUTURE OF PORT ROYAL IS — NOW!! All of us have anticipated the sale of the 317 acres of port property. This time, it will happen & as this “change event” progresses I want to do my part to keep Port Royal the friendly extraordinary community that it is now. The people of Port Royal have an expertise in southern charm. The developers have an expertise in creating markets. As our town develops we want to keep & to enjoy the southern charm. We also want to share this wonderful place that we as residents call home.

How Long Have You Been a Resident of the Town of Port Royal? Jim & I have lived in Port Royal for 13 years. We moved here from Michigan in 2004.

Elected/Appointed Office Experience: This is my first time to run for an elected office. I have had the opportunity to serve as an appointed charter member of the Port Royal Historic Preservation Commission. I served on that commission for 7 years which is the term limit.

What Are The Biggest Opportunities for the Town of Port Royal in the Next Three Years? As the port property develops, the town of Port Royal will have increased opportunities to share the culture, the heritage & the rich history of our home with more & more visitors. We have visitors who come to watch family members graduate from Parris Island. We have visitors come to photograph the animals at the Cypress wetlands. We have fisherman come to catch the “big one”. Families come to enjoy the warmth , the festivals & the food. We want to share our community with all these people.

What Are The Biggest Challenges for the Town of Port Royal in the Next Three Years? Town growth always presents town challenges. All of us will face the challenge of traffic & parking. We also can expect increased trash. Development presents our town council & town employees with infrastructure concerns prioritizing & balancing the zoning, the streets, the drainage.

Please Use Three Words to Describe Yourself: Respecter of community

Biography: I grew up in Aiken, SC; graduated from Aiken High School in 1960 & headed for the University of South Carolina in Columbia to study biochemistry. I graduated from the University in 1964 and was offered a job by the Dow Chemical Company in Biochemical Research.
In Midland, MI (headquarters for Dow Chemical) I met my husband Jim. We have been married 51 years. We have three grown children & 4 grandchildren. We moved to Port Royal in 2004.