Frequently Asked Questions



Considering membership with the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce? Here are some of the most common questions businesses and individuals have about joining. If you have other questions, please contact us at 843.525.8500 or email us today.

How do I get to the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce? 

The Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce is located in downtown Beaufort at 701 Craven St. on the corner of Craven St. and Carteret St.  Our tourism offices and Visitor Center are located next door in the historic Beaufort Arsenal at 713 Craven St. Click here for a map.

What is a Chamber of Commerce? 

A Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to protect and improve the business climate and quality of life within a specific region. Although Chambers often work with large public agencies, they are not departments of any government organization.  The Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce provides the unified voice to our regional business community to create and promote an environment where businesses can flourish.  The Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce does work with local governments to promote the area, recruit industry, and help protect our military installations.

Can you send me information on visiting Beaufort?

Yes we can!  Please click here to send a request for information or visit


Who are top the 10 employers in Beaufort County?

Please take a look at our business resources page.

How can I file a complaint about a business or company?

The Beaufort Regional Chamber is not a federal government agency, and therefore has no authority to investigate how companies conduct business nor are we able to accept complaints. You can file a complaint against a business with the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection and the Better Business Bureau.

Does the Chamber endorse candidates or have a PAC?

No. The Beaufort Regional Chamber is a nonpartisan organization and does not endorse any political party, campaign or have a PAC. The Beaufort Regional Chamber is responsible for articulating Chamber positions on business-related issues and guiding the Chamber’s advocacy activities on both the state and local level.

What is the Chamber’s federal tax status?

The Internal Revenue Service classifies the Beaufort Regional Chamber as a 501(c)(6) organization.

How can I get involved with the Beaufort Regional Chamber?

Members of the Beaufort Regional Chamber have a host of programs and events to enjoy throughout the year. From volunteer activities to time-honored traditions, Chamber members have a never-ending path toward personal and professional growth.

I’ve forgotten my member log in. How can I find my information?

If you have any issues accessing your account please feel free to give us a call at 843-525-8523 or email us at

What benefits do I receive as a member of the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce?

We, at the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce, understand that different businesses have different needs and expectations; that’s why we don’t believe that a one-size membership is appropriate. There are multiple levels of investment designed to maximize your company’s return on investment and answer specific needs.


How can I advertise my product or service to Chamber members?

Our members are eligible to participate in display advertising programs in the visitor center, advertising in the Chamber’s weekly e-flash, advertising on, and and have visibility on both website’s business directories.

Is my company a member of the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce?

Please search the member directory for your company name.

How do I register for an event? Can I come if I’m not a member?

View the Calendar for upcoming events. You can register for all upcoming events online. Anyone can attend Chamber events, Member and Potential Member rates are available.

If I register for an event, will I receive a reminder prior to the event?

You can sign up to receive an automatic event reminder through the event web page. Click on the event you want to go to and click the calendar icon in the top right corner of the page.

I want to be informed about upcoming Chamber events. Can I sign up for the Chamber’s mailing list?

Subscribe to our e-newsletter to receive details about upcoming events or areas of interest.

Can you give me information about starting a business?

Please take a look at our business resources page.

More Questions? 

Contact the Chamber.