Darryl Owens

Name: Darryl Owens

Why Are You Running For Office? I’ve decided to run for office because I believe that I can bring diversity and other perspectives being a 20 year resident of Port Royal, having a servants heart an ability to work and foster relationships, having a vested interest in the continued success of Port Royal and the preservation of its rich culture, heritage and historical status, and finally having the ability to work objectively with other to preserve our small town family atmosphere and environment yet growing the economic base by attracting and retaining businesses and affordable housing.

How Long Have You Been A Resident of the Town of Port Royal? I have been a resident of Port Royal since 1996.

Elected/Appointed Office Experience: I have never held any prior public office positions but have served in numerous capacities on boards and organizations such as the Metropolitan Planning Commission, Chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Chairman of the Jasper County First Steps Board, Past President of the Jasper Rotary Club, Former Board Director for the South Carolina Association for Pupil Transportation, and currently Board Member for the Beaufort Wardle Family YMCA..  This is my second time running for public office having unsuccessfully running for Port Royal Town Council in 2015.

What Are The Biggest Opportunities for the Town of Port Royal in the Next Three Years?: In my personal opinion, one of the biggest opportunities for the Town of Port Royal in the next three years is the finalization of the sales of the old Ports Property and the development of the property in scheme with the Town’s overlays and ordinances to protect the culture and integrity of the town. Another opportunity is to grow and attract new business and to create additional jobs and revenues for the town.  Finally, to improve the current infrastructure.

What Are The Biggest Challenges for the Town of Port Royal in the Next Three Years?: One challenge that I foresee being an issue for the town of Port Royal in the next three years is the increasing growth in population in the County and being able to accommodate the high demands for affordable housing and creation of more local jobs.

Please Use Three Words to Describe Yourself:  Sincere, Candid, and Transparent