Bob Ellis

Name: Bob Ellis

Why Are You Running For Office? I’ve traveled extensively and never encountered a town as special and unique as Port Royal. I’m here to stay. I want to help Port Royal prosper while retaining all the qualities that make it a great place to live, start a business and raise a family. As the owner of my own business, I have time and great flexibility in my schedule, as well as the eagerness, to fulfill the duties of a town councilperson.

How Long Have You Been a Resident of the Town of Port Royal? Six years.

Elected/Appointed Office Experience: I have never before held or run for public office.

What Are the Biggest Opportunities for the Town of Port Royal in the Next Three Years? The sale and development of the Port of Port Royal property and the town’s continued drive to attract new and innovative businesses and employment opportunities.

What Are the Biggest Challenges for the Town of Port Royal in the Next Three Years?To ensure that the sale of the port yields the greatest possible benefit to the people of the town and that it enhances Port Royal’s appeal as a must-see, must-visit, must take-in destination. To ensure municipal services continue to grow and improve. That the townships’ committees get all the possible support they need to help our parks, services, historic preservation and development/redevelopment thrive. At the Town Council’s recent retreat, they also set a worthy goal to further improve communication within the town.

Please Use Three Words to Describe Yourself: Thoughtful, details-oriented, compassionate.

Biography: I grew up in Cleveland and moved to Detroit after graduating from high school. I have a bachelor’s degree in communications/psychology from the University of Detroit. I was an editor for the Detroit Free Press, Michigan’s largest daily newspaper, from 1979-2009. I’m currently co-owner Port Royal Veterinary Hospital on Paris Ave., where we have grown our staff from 3 to nearly 20 employees, including three doctors.

Organizations of which I am currently a member: Sea Island Rotary, Beaufort Chamber of Commerce, Historic Port Royal Foundation, YMCA.

I’ve run five marathons, including Savannah, and competed in the Beaufort River Swim.
I have attended nearly all of the town’s council meetings and workshops the last two years and regularly volunteer at the town’s festivals.

I have an open, but cautious and critical, mind – a legacy from my 30-plus years in journalism. I’ve built a career on fact-checking, investigating, verifying and responsible communication.